Graduate Thesis


Writing a graduate thesis may seem overwhelming but when you break it down into steps it starts to look a lot simpler. Small steps are an easy way to accomplish a big task. It helps you to remember the important things that need to be done.

  1. Choose Master’s Thesis Question. Choosing the question is the first important thing to do. Usually students have done so much reading in their field of interest there are already some questions coming to the surface. Choosing a question to base your thesis on should be quick and easy. If you need help, go talk to your advisor or an expert in the field.
  2. Write a concise statement. This statement shows your intention to answer the thesis question. It is this statement that you will be supporting through your research, reading and formulating your stance on the subject. The statement needs to be clear and focus on precisely one thing.
  3. Conduct research. A great portion of this research will involve searching for pertinent literature and reading. Primary sources are considered to be more acceptable than secondary sources. Primary sources are basically the original people involved in the activity or event that lie behind the question. Secondary sources are someone’s opinion or observation of what happened. These sources can be acceptable and relevant when you provide proof of the authenticity and applicability of the sources.
  4. Prepare outline. The outline will consist of your main supporting ideas. They will become the subheadings. All other research notes you take should fall into one of these main categories. These help your thesis flow smoothly and move logically from one idea to the next.
  5. Write. Write and write some more. It’s better to write too much than not enough, because you can always toss out the bits you don’t need. Write unencumbered. That means, just sit down and write everything that flows into your head concerning your thesis. Don’t stop to correct syntax errors or anything. Leave that for the editing stage.
  6. Edit. Don’t think of skimping or skipping on the editing. In other words, this stage is one of the most important to remember to do. Don’t leave it out and don’t do a rush job. Get a professional editor to do it. They will catch so many things you missed. You will really be impressed.

These are all important things to remember when writing your graduate thesis. If you follow them all and be diligent, you will have a successful graduate thesis finished before you know it.