Custom Dissertation Writing


Sometimes the truth is relative, and shrouded in opinion. This article will attempt to look at two contrasting views about custom dissertation writing services and then draw a conclusion.

View 1: Dissertation writing services are not ethical and should be banned.


  • Students should write their own dissertations.
  • They provide an unfair advantage to students who use them.
  • Students are plagiarizing someone else’s written material.
  • You can’t trust them. They are just out to get students’ money.

View 2: Custom Dissertation writing services are legitimate and a benefit to students.


  • These writing companies provide an important and useful service to students.
  • The standards of writing have increased because of these services helping students to improve their written work.
  • It’s always about choice. The student chooses what level of help they receive with their writing.
  • There are many legitimate, trustworthy dissertation writing services out there. You just have to choose carefully, like you do with any type of business.
  • Students seek help with their dissertations anyway. They get it from professors, teachers, students, family and friends. Dissertation writing services offers students help from expert writers.


  • Many students successfully use custom dissertation writing services every month.
  • Custom dissertation writing services are not against the law and shouldn’t receive negative comments from uneducated or narrow-minded people.
  • Legitimate writing services don’t plagiarize anything. The writers start from scratch and write custom dissertations that are ghost-written for the student. The student then owns the rights to the content and can legally call it his or her own.
  • Students often do some of the thinking, planning and even writing that goes into the dissertation. They have every right to call it their own.
  • Solid guarantees and proven testimonials make most writing services trustworthy.

Your dissertation is a very important part of your academic success and shouldn’t be trusted into the hands of just anybody. Custom writing services give you lots of choices and offer you many benefits. It is worth looking into to find out more information and see what’s available.

As with everything, the choice becomes that of the individual. If you are a student who really wants to know the truth about custom dissertation writing services, then these points will give you something to think about. Try out a writing service and get first-hand experience. This is probably the best way to discover the truth for yourself.